National Internships – National program of Stimuli

Diana Teresa Gutierrez, is the winner of National Internship in Dance of the National Program of Stimuli of Culture Ministry, Colombia, in the category of “Formation” with the project “Bodies for Empathy Museum” from July to November 2019. Conexión Hemisferio 2019 Award given by Culture Ministry (Colombia) and Cultural Action (Spain) to participate in the […]

Conexión Hemisferio 2019 in

Award given by Culture Ministry (Colombia) and Cultural Action (Spain) to participate in the encounter “Conexión Hemisferio” 2019, in the framework of the program FOCO Cultura Colombia-España 2018-2019, whose aim is facilitate cultural exhange and dialogue among experts, artists, creators and professionals of creative-cultural sector of both countries.

International guests. Intercultural dance workshop with refugee population in Italy. Leader: Diana Gutiérrez (Embodying Reconciliation). 2018-2019

Alliance with the Jaya Cultural Association through the international network of the “Choreomundus alumni association” Sara Azzarelli (Italy) invited Diana T. Gutiérrez to share her experience and methodologies developed in her work with Embodying Reconciliation in Colombia. Three intercultural workshops and presentations were carried out aimed at a mixed population of men and women from […]

Alliance with the Cultural Magazine Artificio- 2019

Alliance with the cultural Magazine Artificio with the purpose of offering the platform of Embodying Reconciliation for the arrival of practitioners within the editorial work of the magazine. This alliance seeks to diversify the participation of the Corporation in different sectors of culture.

Alliance with Women’s Medicine: 2018

In May, an alliance between Women ́s Medicine and Embodying Reconciliation was consolidated, with the purpose of promoting spaces aimed at disseminating conscious and sensitive information about the female body, and reflecting on sexual and reproductive rights of women. These spaces were held at the EAN University and in alternative spaces of the city. Leaders: […]

Women’s Forum: Portales School. 2018

The school Gimnasio Los Portales invited Embodying Reconciliation to participate as a speaker of the Women’s Forum held in February. The panel to which the organization was invited discussed aroundsignificant projects for the social sector of the country led by women. The space was shared with the project Paz mi pez, and the conversation revolved […]