Living Heritage Network Grant with the project “Course on Strategic Management, Networking and Heritage”.
Colombian Ministry of Culture.

Accreditation Request to provide advisory services to the ICH NGO Forum Committee, UNESCO.


Grant “Comparte lo que Somos” with the project “Museum Bodies for Empathy”.
Colombian Ministry of Culture. 

Grant “El Arte y la Cultura se Crean en Casa” with the project “Museum Bodies for Empathy.      Colombian Secretary of Culture, Recreation and Sports. 

Museum Bodies for Empathy project, selected by the Colombian Commission of Truth as one of the most important projects of the country for the promotion of dignity, resistance and confrontations in the Colombian armed conflict.


Scholarship Ministry of Culture of Colombia and Spanish Cultural Action to participate in the Hemisphere Connection 2019 meeting, within the framework of the FOCO CULTURE COLOMBIA-SPAIN.

2019 | Fellow of the Colombian Ministry of Culture in the Dance training category with the project “Museum Bodies for Empathy”.

Fellow of the Cartography in Dance Grant by the Colombian District Institute of the Arts. IDARTES, with the project “Museum Bodies for Empathy”.

Participation and start of the UNESCO certification process. ICH NGO FORUM, UNESCO # 14 COM.7-14.
Bogotá, Colombia.


Featuring Embodying Reconciliation- Cuerpos para la Reconciliación in the International documentary. “When in Roam: Colombia”.


Participation with Embodying Reconciliation´s work at the Global Summit of Nobel Peace Prize held in Bogotá, Colombia.


Award winner. Young people and peace building. El Nogal Foundation.
Bogotá, Colombia

Award winner.  Lucky changemaker with the project “Ephemeral Museum for Reconciliation”.
Berlin, Germany.

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