“This is a little freedom. To be able to leave ourselves, to cross the limits of our own little world, to open up the universe"

Alejandro Jodorowsky

The accompaniment processes that we undertake are often aimed at scholars, educators, and students, as the main actors and agents of change. By scholars, we refer to researchers, intellectuals, and people with interdisciplinary skills, educators such as teachers, tutors, and trainers of schools, universities, technical programs, communitarian and non-formal educational spaces, as well as students that take upon their own training process.

People We Work With

Dance educators


Students and educators

Piangüitas, Pacífico and Agua Blanca 
Cali | Colombia

Music and dance students and educators

Auvernia | France

Students, teachers, and managers of district schools

Bogotá | Colombia

International Master´s and PhD Interns from Budapest, Hungary and Costa Rica

(2017 -2019)

Undergraduate national internships

Bogotá | Colombia 
(2017 – 2020)

University students of dance and cultural management

Bogotá | Colombia
(2016 – 2018)

Bogotá | Colombia
(2018 – 2019)

Students and educators of educational institutions

Fuente de Oro y Lejanías, Meta
Galeras, Sucre | Colombia 

International dance educators

(2015 – 2021)

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