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We are a non-profit entity that identifies, protects, and promotes practices related to Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Corporealities, Interculturality, Memory, and Wellbeing; in local, national, and international territories with populations at risk, scholars, educators, students, artistic entrepreneurs, cultural managers, private corporations, and the NGO sector.

For an empathetic, reconciled and peaceful world


Identify, protect and promote practices related to Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH), Corporealities, Interculturality, Memory, and Wellbeing, through the consolidation of academic and therapeutic strategies, leadership and intervention, in local, national, and international territories, to foster the wellbeing of diverse populations on the individual and communitarian levels, and contribute to the promotion of peacebuilding actions.



To become, by 2030, a global leading organization in innovative methodologies for peacebuilding, research, and the development of sustainable models that are replicable and can effectively contribute to the safeguarding and promotion of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and the integral wellbeing of society.


Diana Teresa Gutiérrez

Master in Dance Anthropology and Intangible Cultural Heritage from the prestigious Choreomundus program of the European Union in Norway, France, Hungary and the United Kingdom. Undergraduate in anthropology. In her work as an anthropologist, pedagogue, consultant and activist, she gives voice to unofficial stories that live in the midst of marginalized and violent situations. Founder and General Manager of Embodying Reconciliation – Cuerpos para la Reconciliación, a non-profit entity that works in collaboration with diverse populations to encourage individual and collective wellbeing using Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) and bodily practices as tools for peacemaking, reconciliation, and community building. She has received important recognitions such as the Youth and Peace Building Award of the Fundación el Nogal, 2016 (Colombia); Winner of the Lucky Changemaker Prize, 2016 (Berlin); Fellow of the scholarship “Comparte lo que somos” (2020); Cartography in Dance Grant and the Dance Training Program with the project “Museum Bodies for Empathy, 2019 (Colombia); “Beca Redes Vivas de Patrimonio”, (2021). She recently received a recognition from the Colombian Ministry of Culture that highlights her important work in the cultural sector of the country.

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