Aligned to the vision of restorative justice whereby participants never cease to be subjects of rights, the project “Dance Therapy with men and women deprived of their freedom” was carried out within the framework of an initiative led by IDARTES at the “Modelo” and “Buen Pastor” Prisons in the city of Bogotá. Embodying Reconciliation worked with groups of inmates of these prisons in processes of transformation, reeducation, and peaceful reintegration into their societal contexts. The objective of the workshops was to offer corporeal, artistic, and therapeutic tools to develop personal and collective healing processes for the men and women who have gone through situations of violence and been impacted by the justice system as a result of it.

Participants in the LABICCO Project 2016

Embodying Reconciliation – Cuerpos para la Reconciliación participated in the LABICCO project (Ibero-American Laboratory for Citizen Innovation in collaboration with Permanencias) carried out in Cartagena, Colombia in October 2016. Project selected to work with incarcerated population

We share the DEVELOPING HUMANITY project with women in confinement in the San Diego prison, Cartagena, Colombia.

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