"Without well-being, life is not life; it is only a languor and suffering state"

Francois Rabelais


To experience a sensation of wellbeing, a range of internal and external factors that offer us a state of tranquility and satisfaction are at play. The personal (physical, mental, and emotional), relational (family, educational institutions, work, and community-related), and material (goods and properties) levels are closely intertwined. However, with great frequency and at different times and contexts, we experience risky situations that tend to destabilize our wellbeing creating situations of physical, mental, emotional, or relational imbalance that impede us to fully exercise our human rights.

Embodying Reconciliation, developed a line of action that seeks to promote wellbeing in the mental, emotional, relational, and physical levels, to cultivate resilience, empathy, and reconciliation skills for navigating harmful situations. Through the identification and consolidation of protection factors and coping mechanisms, individuals and communities are capable of strengthening tolerance, growth, and inner peace. Some of these factors involve structuring robust supporting networks, healthy lifestyle habits, and the development of emotional intelligence, self-esteem, humor, creativity, and altruism.

Consequently, supporting methodologies have been built and implemented to contribute to the development of affective, assertive, and creative attitudes, as well as the strengthening of critical thinking, self-esteem, and flexibility. Through bodily, mental, and emotional exploration, we established a diagnosis tool for future specialized interventions led by competent entities or professionals. Our model consists of short-term and strategic interventions that accompany individuals and communities by equipping them with personal skills and capacities. All this is framed with continuous monitoring and measurement of the impact of the implemented actions. 


The populations accompanied so far have been very diverse as well as the contexts intervened, which is the testament of our model being easily replicable in different local, national, and international settings.

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