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We are a team of artists & humanists dedicated to bodily research.
We understand the body as our first home, first territory, and the living stage for the creation of our identity. It is the starting point, and fundamental pillar, that allows us to recognize and verbalize stories and experiences that have been recorded - consciously or unconsciously - within ourselves. We free ourselves through our bodies by framing and transforming negative situations into creative resources that contribute to our well-being. These transformations help us be responsible citizens, to care for our environment, safeguard our cultural heritage, and engage in processes of collective reconciliation to re-building peaceful societies.
Embodying Reconciliation is a team of artists and humanists dedicated to bodily research as a path to develop an integrated and comprehensive ethic of personal care, forgiveness, and respect for others and the world around us. Our mission is to design, implement, and promote educational, cultural, and therapeutic strategies. These are used to create and support processes of personal healing, collective resilience, and memory building, as well as strengthen cultural and natural heritage. Embodying Reconciliation proposes sustainable alternatives for living peacefully together, respecting differences, and reimagining the bonds that unite society.
Reconciliators Team
  • Lucía Martínez

    Professional in Cultural management Studies from the EAN University (Colombia). Performing artist and contemporary dancer from Guerrero Academy of Arts (Colombia). Co-founder of Corporation Embodying Reconciliation – Cuerpos para la Reconciliación, where she leads the cultural and educational projects of the organization.

  • Diana Teresa

    Choreomundus scholar from the program in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage (Norway, France, Hungary and the United Kingdom). Anthropologist from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana (Colombia). Co-founder of Corporation Embodying Reconciliation- Cuerpos para la Reconciliación where she leads the applied research projects of the organization.

  • Cristina Gutiérrez

    Social communicator and journalist graduated from the Pontificia Javeriana University (Colombia). Photographer and audiovisual producer. In Embodying Reconciliation she leads intercultural and community processes.

  • Ángela Aponte

    Anthropologist from the Pontificia Javeriana University (Colombia). In Embodying Reconciliation she leads the pedagogical processes of the Memory and heritage line projects.

Fields of Actions

Body as the "first territory"

Personal Healing

Our work starts with the fundamental premise of exploring one’s own body as the “first territory.” We believe that we must start with the knowledge and acceptance of ourselves and our emotions in order to develop self-care, leading to an understanding of and respect for others.

In this way we contribute to an effective and long lasting community resilience. Using bodily, artistic and visual tools to recognize, channel, and transform important memories and experiences, we guide physical explorations that transform them into creative healing resources.

Resilient Communities using Stories & Memories


We strengthen and empower people, creating resilient communities using participants’ own stories and memories. We explore the potential in relationships between body and territory as spaces for collective community-building and representation.

We encourage respect and trust between people by strengthening and reforming social bonds, developing sustainable processes of transformation and reconciliation, especially among groups in vulnerable situations or that have been affected by violence.

Resilient Communities using Stories & Memories


We use the body, territory, and memory as spaces for restoring and strengthening natural and cultural heritage and cultural practices. We promote action-research in these areas, especially with groups who find themselves in vulnerable situations or who have been affected by violence.

Moreover, we offer counseling in diverse theoretical and practical models for researching, promoting and safeguarding material and immaterial cultural heritage.

Exploration Paths
01Anthropological and reflexive approach

Fieldwork, participant observation, interviews, ethnography, and audio-visual production

02Bodily approach

Use of movement, art-therapies, and non-verbal communication to recognize and give meaning to lived experience and emotions as well as personal and collective memory

03Visual and performative approach

Live installations, ephemeral museums, visual archives, documentaries and visual anthropology

04Theoretical and practical approach

Researching arts and culture as tools for social change, conflict resolution, reconciliation, and for the construction of a peaceful coexistence.

Pathways To Reconciliation

    Sessions of healing and bodily practices developing sensitivity to movement; performances and artistic creation with a special focus on reconciliation and conflict resolution.


    Specialized training programs in participatory tools for conflict resolution and reconciliation using bodily and artistic practices.


    Specialized consulting services in the fields of heritage, peace, and reconciliation.


    Planning and implementation of action plans focused on the construction of communities of peace.


    Academic and applied research and documentation.


    Sustainable cultural immersion experiences with a conscious, critical, and reflexive approach to both material and immaterial heritage.

“...It gave us useful tools to identify relationships, emotions, memories - individual and collective-, social practices, shared interests, and moments of learning and socialization. I have used these tools in different fields of my work with children and young boys and girls, thus becoming a key element on the process of rebuilding collective memories” Carolina Giraldo, Communitary Education & Human Rights Activist
People We Love

Ángela Aponte

Anthropologist. Bogotá, Colombia.

Érica Rincón

Artist. Bogotá, Colombia.

Tatiana Reyes

Publicist. Bogotá, Colombia.

Andrés Gallego

Doctor. Bogotá, Colombia.

Eva Hegedus

International manager and professional communicator. Budapest, Hungary.

Kinga Szemessy

Performing artist and researcher. Budapest, Hungary.
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