Inga and Wounnan indigenous women, recovering knowledge and speaking about sexual and reproductive health

As a consultant for the “Oriéntame Foundation”, Embodying Reconciliation | Cuerpos para la Reconciliación undertook a process of creation, research, systematization, and development of pedagogical materials that made visible the voices and insights of the indigenous Inga and Wounnan women, inhabiting in the city of Bogotá, who were eager to speak about their sexual and reproductive health and their perceptions on how the different health institutions should address indigenous women.

Through various workshops applying multiple participatory methodologies, with a gender and differential sensibility, the women spoke according to their ancestral knowledge and customs related to reproductive health as well as the challenges they must face in urban contexts. In particular, the women shared their point of view about the differential treatment sexual and reproductive health institutions should have with them.

As a result of this process, the booklet “Different women, equal rights. Tradition and attention in sexual and reproductive health for indigenous women” was created, within the framework of the project “Fewer barriers and more access to legal abortion services in Colombia 2015- 2018 ”of the “Oriéntame Foundation”.

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