Alejandra Jaramillo
Educator, movement practitioner, and cultural manager born in Medellín Colombia. She has studies in psychology and a Bachelor degree in Philosophy, literature and Education. She
Diana Teresa Gutiérrez
Master in Anthropology of Dance and Intangible Heritage of the prestigious Choreomundus program of the European Union in Norway, France, Hungary and the United Kingdom.
Olga Lucía Martínez Castellanos
Professional in Cultural Management Studies of the EAN University with experience in the areas of education, circulation of projects and cultural activities, as well as
Cristina Gutiérrez
Social communicator and journalist graduated from the Pontificia Javeriana University (Colombia). Photographer and audiovisual producer. Experience in the educational sector and in the editorial, audiovisual
Ángela Aponte Bayer
Anthropologist from the Pontificia Javeriana University (Colombia). In Embodying Reconciliation she leads the pedagogical processes of the memory and heritage areas of the organization.
Laura Cadena
Manager of artistic projects with emphasis on community work and human rights, audiovisual teacher in processes that allow the social, cultural, economic, environmental and educational
Signa Schiavo-Campo
Italo-Croatian philosopher with an International Master in anthropology of dance. In recent years she has specialized in the training of Hatha raja yoga, Thai massage,
María José Bejarano
Costa Rican psychologist. Has a specialization in Dance Movement Therapy from the National University of Arts, Argentina. She is currently part of Erasmus+ Choreomundus Programme,
Sara Azzarelli
Dancer, dance anthropologist and dance educator. In 2014 she completed the International Master Choreomundus in Dance Knowledge, Practice and Heritage. From 2015 she works with
Marci Debreczenyi
Dancer and social worker living in Budapest. He is finishing his bachelor degree in contemporary dance in June 2019 at Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy. Besides
Kinga Szmessy
Dancer and researcher in the field of contemporary dance, with a particular interest in new models and concepts of participation, accessibility, interaction and social cohesion.
Jeremy Carter – Gordon
Immersed from a very young age in traditional dances and music of England and America. He has a master degree in Anthropology of dance and