Our work starts with the fundamental premise of exploring one’s own body as the “first territory.” We believe that we must start with the knowledge and acceptance of ourselves and our emotions in order to develop self-care, leading to an understanding of and respect for others. In this way we contribute to an effective and long lasting community resilience. Using bodily, artistic and visual tools to recognize, channel, and transform important memories and experiences, we guide physical explorations that transform them into creative healing resources


We strengthen and empower people, creating resilient communities using participants’ own stories and memories. We explore the potential in relationships between body and territory as spaces for collective community-building and representation. We encourage respect and trust between people by strengthening and reforming social bonds, developing sustainable processes of transformation and reconciliation, especially among groups in vulnerable situations or that have been affected by violence.


We use the body, territory, and memory as spaces for restoring and strengthening natural and cultural heritage and cultural practices. We promote action-research in these areas, especially with groups who find themselves in vulnerable situations or who have been affected by violence. Moreover, we offer counseling in diverse theoretical and practical models for researching, promoting and safeguarding material and immaterial cultural heritage.