We understand the body as our first home, first territory, and the living stage for the creation of our identity. It is the starting point, and fundamental pillar, that allows us to recognize and verbalize stories and experiences that have been recorded – consciously or unconsciously – within ourselves. We free ourselves through our bodies by framing and transforming negative situations into creative resources that contribute to our well-being. These transformations help us be responsible citizens, to care for our environment, safeguard our cultural heritage, and engage in processes of collective reconciliation to re-building peaceful societies.


Embodying Reconciliation is a team of artists and humanists dedicated to bodily research as a path to develop an integrated and comprehensive ethic of personal care, forgiveness, and respect for others and the world around us. Our mission is to design, implement, and promote educational, cultural, and therapeutic strategies. These are used to create and support processes of personal healing, collective resilience, and memory building, as well as strengthen cultural and natural heritage. Embodying Reconciliation proposes sustainable alternatives for living peacefully together, respecting differences, and reimagining the bonds that unite society.


Our vision is to lead sustainable peacemaking processes and to foster harmonic coexistence in situations of (post-) conflict around the world by developing projects that promote reconciliation through the body as a basis for social change.